Dissolution of Labour Laws in states of UP, MP & Gujarat

Three state governments have announced that in order to fight with Covid-19 crisis on industrial sectors, State Governments are incentivising scaling up feasibility by suspending labour laws for 1200 days.

What does each States say?

Labour Laws Dissolution in Uttar Pradesh

  • ‘All factories and establishments engaged in manufacturing process shall be exempted from the operation of all Labour laws for a period of three years’, subject to certain minimal conditions including payment of minimum wages, the working day being extended to 12 hours and retaining the protection of labour laws relating to the employment of children and women, as also bonded labour.
  • Notification dated 8 May, 2020 specifically exempts all factories registered under the Factories Act, 1948 from provisions regulating weekly hours, daily hours, overtime, intervals of rest etc. of all adult workers. Thus Uttar Pradesh has in effect decided to suspend 35 of the 38 labour law for three years including laws related to industrial disputes, trade unions and contract workers.

Labour Laws Dissolution in Madhya Pradesh

  • Madhya Pradesh has brought in amendments to relieve employers of the responsibility of virtually all provisions of the Factories Act from provisions of water and toilets to basic health and safety, allowing working hours to be extended to 12 hours instead of eight and weekly hours up to 72 hours, while also barring the raising of complaints and disputes under the Industrial Disputes Act save for on the question of closure for establishments with more than 300 employees all for a period of 1,200 days.

Labour Laws Dissolution in Gujarat

  • Gujarat is seeking to give any new investor in Gujarat a holiday that makes an investment that lasts at least 1,200 days of all labour legislation with the exception of the Minimum Wages Act and the Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Notification of Ordinances are yet awaited in all the states.



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